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Contractor Name
Appointment Subject
Project Estimate ID Number: 63758590645518911983
Scheduled Date
6/14/2021 3:37:50 PM
Appointment Information
Estimate #: 63758590645518911983...
1. What kind of Project are you planning ?

2. What does your project involve ? (choose all that apply)

3. How much help do you need with this Project ?

4. Is this a new or already existing Business ?

5. What is your timeframe to begin ?

6. What do you need to begin this Project ?

7. What Resources do you need for this Project ?

8. Are you interested in Arificial Intelligence (A.I.) to Help with the Project ?

9. Do you plan to use Employees or Contractors for Production ?

10. What is the best guess at how much your Project might cost ? (estimate)

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