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Assignment Details

Assigned to: Naomi Sommers

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Contractor Name
Naomi Sommers
Appointment Subject
Working with AWS and Beanstauk
Creation Date
7/25/2021 4:52:00 PM
Scheduled Date
8/2/2021 4:52:00 PM
Appointment Information
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Ticket Submitted:
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Ticket Title:
Working with AWS and Beanstauk

Customer Comments:
I'm trying to get a website up and running with no good results. I'm using the Amazon Web Services platform with the Beanstauk option. But this is the thing... the same website was running just fine on a independent server, so I'm not sure what is happening
Windows 10 Laptop;
Microsoft Windows 10 Laptop;
Undefined Mobile Device;
No Damage to the Screen;
Device is New;
This task will be assigned to Naomi Sommers, unless reassigned to a different Technician.

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