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Assignment Details

Assigned to: Luis Brown

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Contractor Name
Luis Brown
Appointment Subject
Set up about a dozen Laptops for Small Office
Creation Date
8/2/2021 7:16:41 PM
Scheduled Date
8/10/2021 7:16:41 PM
Appointment Information
Estimate #: 63764738185451996978...
1. What kind of Project are you planning ?
Support for Small Business,
I won't mention my business because I'm still shopping around prices.

2. What does your project involve ? (choose all that apply)
Supporting a Business, I need to have about a dozen laptops set up for both Office and remote work. The Laptops will be used for both.

3. How much help do you need with this Project ?
I need people to work with me, _

4. Is this a new or already existing Business ?
This Business already exists,

5. What is your timeframe to begin ?
About a month,

6. What do you need to begin this Project ?
The laptops need to have 2FA, two factor authentication installed and linked to the associated software on their phones to authenticate when they're not in the Office environment.

7. What Resources do you need for this Project ?
Microsoft Office Applications, I have the Resources I need, We need to set up a Sharepoint site on Microsoft with a connection to Active Directory for authentication. When they work remotely, they'll sign into an Office 365 Sharepoint site to work from whereever they are. When they're in the Office, they'll connect through the company Intranet to access resources.

8. Are you interested in Arificial Intelligence (A.I.) to Help with the Project ?
No, I don't need A.I.,

9. Do you plan to use Employees or Contractors for Production ?
I need Contractors,

10. What is the best guess at how much your Project might cost ? (estimate)
Can you give me a roundabout figure, for how much that will cost ?

This task will be assigned to Luis Brown, unless reassigned to a different Technician.

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