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Question about working with a mobile device ?
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1/24/2020 10:46:08 AM

Is the evaluation paid?

No. Just like any other assessment it is not paid for. The evaluation will show if you can answer one question a day correctly. Seems simple enough, but most people lose interest.

5/23/2021 9:00:35 PM

Ater you hiring for Tech Support ?

No... We only help Tech Support Specialists get their job done, by making advanced technology available to them. Like automated response systems, artificial intelligence, and connecting with other technicians of equal or advanced skills.

5/25/2021 3:28:56 PM

How long does it take to solve a ticket for a mobile device problem ?

The timeframe changes, depending on the number of technicians available at the time. anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 days for tickets submitted by supporting customers.

8/15/2021 9:20:07 PM

I noticed there's an option for "Project Quote". So what's the difference between a Ticket, and a Project Quote, and how does that figure out in cost ?

When you put in a "ticket" for a problem, there's a chance it's an easy fix. Anything that's simple enough, we can just give you the answer that you need, or a simple procedure, and it's done. For a "project", that requires numerous steps and procedures, and that lasts more than a day or a few weeks, that is something that requires compensation. The quote is an estimate of price, that can be adjusted based on the final requirements. Projects have to be discussed in detail.

8/15/2021 12:29:29 AM

Just curious about how things are done working remotely, as opposed to office work. Are there metrics, or any other measurable goals that are set to evaluate performance

No we don't use metrics or evaluations.
The main objective is to help you get your work done using the tools we offer. Corporations use metrics to evaluate employee performance, and increase productivity. Remember that we're here to help, and not to judge you. Any productivity, whether pass or fail, is on you because your working remotely. Assignments are based on success... Successful solutions are your responsibility.
We're just here to help you.