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Some of these pages have artificial intelligence (ai) enabled for technical support, and will announce itself when the page opens. Check your volume.

The decision to add audio to the site, was not made easily, but it's necessary for the work we do. Sometime we have to fix mobile devices that are not working, and we need both hands free, so the AI can give us a prcedure to follow.

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We all like taking time off from work to have fun, and enjoy life a little bit. But the more fun you have, the more it costs so eventually, you end up using all your resources and have to go back to work again. While we're working, we're saving up money, and paying bills so there's not much time to have fun. It's not easy to save money, when your spending it at the same time, so we need to have a better plan.

Imagine going on vacation and never coming back...

Only in a dream, can we never have to work again, because you're not one of the lucky ones. Unless you were willing to work on your vacation. That's the point at which most people get confused, because they've never done that. So the question is, who trained you to work and not have fun at the same time ?
Isn't it possible to take 5 hours out of the day to work hard, and then have the rest of the day to enjoy life ?

Think about what you want to do, and then think about why you have to do things the way that everyone else does. When you have your work with you, in your pocket, you don't have to go to work, because you're already there.

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It's not work or life, you can do both...

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