We are not a Corporation... yet
Programmers and Developers are Needed
From the begining, all the costs for design programming and development were paid for by the people that created the original concept. Over the years people move on and find other interests but the original concept remains, and is available at an affordable cost for people the need it.

So, we're looking for Programmers and Developers to help us improve services and create new technology that's affordable to everyone, and not just Billon Dollar Corporations.

Invest in affordable Artificial Intelligence

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Invest for Additional Support and Services
Even if you're just an individual, you can benefit from the new technology we develop. When we create a new website, chatbot, or Artificial Intelligence, you will be there to help us test it. And if you need help to integrate it into your business or personal life we can help you do that, because you'll have a vested interest in the development on the finished product.

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