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For Tech Support type: "I need help"...

( tech support will contact you by email )

( contact support for problems: Contact Support )

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The TechBot is still in the testing phase, so you may not get all the answers that you're looking for. To help out, these are some of the simple questions that you can definately get an answer to, until the system is updated.


help me

I need help

My computer is not working

My phone is not working

Can you help me


Or you can add a new question...
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For basic technical definitions type:
"pc explain the term (search word)"
example: pc explain the term emulation

For info about Apple Computers type:
"mac explain the term (search word)"
example: mac explain the term MacBook

For basic iPhone help type:
"iphone how to (search word)"
example: iphone how to connect wifi

For basic help with iPads type:
"ipad how to (search word)"
example: ipad how to connect to bluetooth

For basic help with Apple Watches type:
"iwatch how to (search word)"
example: iwatch how to gesture

For basic help with Siri type:
"apple siri command (search word)"
example: apple siri command list

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